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About Muge Jewelry & More

Muge Jewelry & More is a jewelry design studio and a concept shop founded by 

Muge Karatasli based in Switzerland.


With a background in engineering and interior designing, Muge is pursuing her lifelong passion of jewelry making. Muge has always had an eye for beautiful things, born out of a love for collecting fine pieces and began jewelry making for herself when she was a little girl.


Her collection is a personal labor of love, using the highest quality semi-precious gemstones, precious metals and design elements, all carefully hand-picked from around the world. Her designs are a unique mix and balance of texture, color and forms. They are as individual and varied as the women who wear them. Her goal is for her jewelry to be refined, chic, timelessly elegant and to bring a touch of glamour to every day life.

As a devoted traveler, Muge is continuously collecting stones, elements and inspiration for her next designs.

At Muge Jewelry & More, we guarantee that every single purchase you make will be a seamless process from start to finish. 

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Bachgasse 9 (Lindenplatz)
4800 Zofingen, Switzerland

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